MBNA eMall Product Site Portal Terms of Use

The Terms of Use apply to the award of bonus rewards points ("Bonus Points") by MBNA to MBNA MasterCard credit card holders for eligible purchases made at participating retailers through the MBNA eMall product site portal (the "Portal Website")
Earning Bonus points

Bonus Point earnings are in addition to base rewards points earned for eligible purchases (base rate is 1 Bonus Point for each $1 in eligible purchases at participating retailers through the Portal website). To be eligible to earn Bonus Points, your credit card account must be open with charging privileges and you must begin each shopping session and make your eligible purchase through the Portal website. Only eligible purchases which are made by clicking through the Portal website will be eligible to earn Bonus Points. You will not receive Bonus Points for purchases made directly at the retailer's website.

Bonus Points are awarded based on the price of goods or services purchased, excluding shipping, applicable taxes, and any special handling fees. If a purchase has a billing address outside of Canada, it may not qualify for Bonus Points. Some purchases do not qualify for Bonus Points. View the "Retailer details" to see specific terms and conditions and/or exclusions for each retailer.

Allow up to 60 days from the date of product shipment for Bonus Points to appear on your credit card statement. Pre-orders or backorders are not awarded Bonus Points until shipped by the retailer. Bonus Points are not valid with any other offer unless expressly stated and permitted by the retailer.

Participating Retailers

Participating retailers are subject to change without prior notice. From time to time retailers will offer incremental Bonus Points as well as special offers and discounts on the Portal website. Please review specific details for each retailer to view all promotion dates and other exclusions or limitations.

Please refer to each retailer's website for all terms and conditions relating to each transaction, including but not limited to, guarantees, warranties, payment terms, shipping, delivery, taxes, return policies and processing of returns. MBNA makes no warranties and disclaims responsibility for fulfillment of the transaction between you and a participating retailer.

In order to receive Bonus Points for eligible purchases, you must use a web browser with the option to accept cookies turned on. If your web browser blocks cookies, we may not be able to award Bonus Points for your eligible purchases. You may not receive notification that your web browser is blocking cookies. For more information on the use of cookies read the section in the Terms of Use, titled "Retailer and Network Cookies".

We remind visitors of the Portal website that retailers participating on the Portal website operate their sites with different privacy practices. We want to caution our visitors and remind you that you should review each of the retailer's websites' privacy policies, as we have no control over information that is submitted by you to these third parties. Participating retailers may collect additional information to ensure rewards are tracked and reported including the use of cookies. We have no access or controls over the usage of these cookies or the collection and dissemination of additional information collected by the retailer.

Retailer Returns

All credit transactions (returns) will result in a deduction of Bonus Points for the amount of the transaction. All returns must be made through the retailer. MBNA is not responsible for any returns and all questions about purchases or returns should be directed to the retailer.

Eligible Purchases

Only eligible purchases qualify for Bonus Points. Eligible purchases are purchases that satisfy each of the following conditions:

You must:
  • You must be logged into the Portal website;
  • You must use only valid links within the Portal website to enter a participating retailers website;
  • You must complete your transaction within any session generated when clicking a valid link, and identified in the retailer exclusions: and
  • You must NOT purchase any items specifically excluded by the participating retailer, as identified in the retailer exclusions.

Eligible Purchases

As part of the shopping process it is necessary for us to be able to track your eligible purchases in order to successfully post Bonus Points to your mbna rewards mall account. This tracking function is performed using cookies both from our affiliate networks and from many of the retailers on the Portal website. Though the Portal website does not require a cookie to be placed on your machine from our systems, it is a required step in order for you to successfully shop and receive Bonus Points for your transactions.

Retailer and Network Cookies

Any questions about Bonus Point earning should be directed to MBNA. Please allow 30 days for your inquiry to be resolved.

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